secondary freight

BevChain provides dedicated ‘secondary freight’ services from customers’ own facilities, playing an integral role within their supply chains, in getting finished goods into store.


With the growth in our customer base, and the diversified nature of their supply chains that we’re a part of, BevChain has developed an industry-leading Line Haul service to compliment our broader supply chain capability, which enables even deeper integration with out customers.


BevChain services in excess of 25,000 delivery points every week, handling over 2.5 billion beverage serving units every year. In this consolidated service, we execute to better than 99% DIFOT across the business all year round, via a mix of fleet that numbers over 400, with over half of that, company owned. We’re doing this out of a network of warehousing and distribution centres around the country with a footprint bigger than 9 MCG’s.


With a mix of supply chain models in operation, BevChain offers cross-dock solutions to provide a seamless delivery experience for our customers who choose to service particular markets from interstate.