Brown Brothers Re-Sign with BevChain

I am pleased to announce that Brown Brothers have extended their agreement with BevChain for a further 3 years.

We all know Brown Brothers well – they’ve been with us from day one, which makes this renewal even more special. It’s a testament to the service we’ve provided over that duration, and the relationships we’ve built over the years with the Brown Brothers team that they have chosen to stick with the Tangerine Team.

All businesses change and evolve over a ten year period, and Brown Brothers is no exception. They have their own challenges in a very competitive wine industry, which puts a spotlight on all major costs within their business. It’s very satisfying that they continue to see value in the BevChain relationship, and more importantly, they have a great deal of trust in our ability to continue to support them on their journey, which, by the way, has been going since 1889!

Well done team.

Josh Morris - Group Manager – Customer, Strategy & Transformation