Fleet Addition

The team at BevChain have been testing out the latest addition to the fleet – the DJI Phantom 3. But it’s not a truck, or a van. It’s not even a forklift.

Yep, it’s a drone!

Check out this footage captured on the full HD mounted camera, at two of BevChain’s sites; Auburn in Sydney, and Somerton in Melbourne.

Beverage specialist BevChain deliver 2.5 billion serving units annually to over 25,000 destinations across Australia each week.

Whilst there are no plans to get the Phantom 3 involved in deliveries, head of Strategy for BevChain, Josh Morris, says “drone technology is rapidly evolving, and so are the potential applications for it. At BevChain, we’re keen to explore what possibilities it might open up in the supply chain for our customers and ourselves. We’re also in the midst of deploying a sign-on-glass solution – which we believe is the first of its kind in Australia to be applied to a consolidated fleet such as ours, so the business is investing in technology which is exciting for the team and our customers”

Watch out for more footage from the Phantom 3 as we take it to more of our sites, getting new and unique perspectives of our facilities across the country.

For more information on BevChain, please visit www.bevchain.com.au.